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Paul And Roxanna

purchase apartment voorburg

In January this year we started looking for our first home. To support us in this step, we have chosen C&D brokerage as our purchasing agent.

We started the search for a home on the internet. We wanted to live in Voorburg and searched on funda for homes that fell within our budget. In the end we selected around 20 homes for ourselves that initially met our wishes. We discussed this list with our buying agent Tom Cees. Together with his knowledge of the houses and neighborhoods in Voorburg, we made a selection of 5 apartments that were worth checking out in terms of price, location and quality. During this selection, Tom Cees informed us about important issues such as the quality of the construction, any noise from the home and about the neighborhood.

Step two was to view the five apartments that we had selected. It was nice that the agreements matched nicely so that we were able to view all the houses in one afternoon. Tom Cees suggested in advance that we should mainly look at how we felt about a home. He always asked us the question "Do you see yourself living here?" Tom Cees, meanwhile, was actually looking at the actual state of the home. He looked at the finish, the electricity, the condition of the double glazing, the boiler and the condition of the balcony and joints. Partly due to the good advice from Tom Cees and Jasper, we have found our current apartment after the first trip of viewings. Before we made an offer, Tom Cees asked if the VVE was functioning properly and what major repairs and costs were planned, so that we would not be surprised after purchase.

During the negotiations, we had complete confidence in the expertise of Tom Cees, in which he advised which offer we should make. During the reflection period, after our offer was accepted, we were advised to prepare an architectural report. C&D has arranged this for us and so we knew which points still needed attention in the house.

We are very satisfied with the services of C&D brokerage. If you are also looking for a home, it is certainly worthwhile to go to the rebrand roundabout with them. Tom Cees, Jasper and Olfien, thanks for the good help!

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